The inspiration behind came from my entire life being self-conscious about my body hair. And no, I am not over-reacting. Having body hair and constantly having to try to get rid of it has always been an issue. And for me, it’s more than slightly a ridiculous situation.

A few years back now, I was utterly fed up with spending hours and hours (and money) shaving, waxing and tweezing, all for the hair to start to show signs of returning either after 8 hours in the case of shaving or within a week in the case of waxing. It was pretty much a rinse and repeat scenario. Shaving and waxing all lead to what? Removing unwanted body hair which had an expiry date, it always returned.

Really, I’d rather not think about all the time spent in hair removal throughout my life, but when I do, and I try and add up all the hours of my entire life I have spent wasted away shaving arms, legs, bikini etc, I could have invested that time so much better elsewhere.

The Alternative

The only alternative to shaving and waxing that I could think of was laser hair removal which is apparently the best way to remove unwanted body hair as it’s permanent, so from the onset I was hooked.

I started asking around about laser hair removal and doing plenty of research, only to be informed that a dermatologist or laser clinic would charge up to five hundred dollars a session, that was only one treatment for my full legs! To be quite honest, I can’t afford that. And I don’t think most people can. What is sad is that there is many people that feel exactly how I did and it is all because of our lack of knowledge of home hair removal machines which is stopping them from getting the same permanent hair removal results  for a lot less money than laser clinics (not to mention less time, and energy as well).

So five hundred dollar’s a pop, for each laser hair removal session at a laser clinic was not joking matter, which was why I thought laser hair removal wasn’t going to be within my checkbook, until I thought to look up to buy an at home laser hair removal machine, or like I refer to it DIY laser hair removal 🙂

Permanent Hair Removal

Within minutes the results were pouring in and I could feel a sense of awe wash through me, this was possible, I can buy my own hair removal machine and zap away my body hair and it was a permanent way to get rid of hair! I was amazed. All I had to do was pick out the best laser hair removal machine, and it was a go. Bye bye body hairs, how much I would be happy to have them gone.

So the only alternative, most women (and now men) that feel like me have, is to use an at home laser hair removal machine. The problem is, when I was on my quest to find a laser hair removal machine to use at home, to be completely honest, there wasn’t a lot of solid helpful information out there. Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of information on the net about laser hair removal and IPL hair removal in general like ‘what is laser hair removal? What are the side effects of laser hair removal? Does laser hair removal hurt? And how much does laser hair removal cost?’ But one thing that lacked was personal laser hair removal reviews from people who actually bought and knew about home laser devices.

Like me, I find there are many women out there seeking answers and guidance to ensure they buy a safe hair removal system. When you think about it, you are making a big purchase when it comes to buying your own laser hair removal device, you want to know if you are buying the best and safest hair removal machine out there. For starts, I’ve answered some of the basic laser hair removal questions below but feel free to browse through the site for more information.

Are At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines Safe?

The is a big question and an important one. Basically, all the hair removal devices that I have suggested on this site are 100% safe for you to use at home. Why? Because as you will see from my reviews on each laser device, they are individually FDA approved and clinically proven to show permanent hair removal results at home (for more information on FDA find out here). Although the machines may be safe, it is your responsibility that you ensure your own safety.

You need to follow the instructions and guidelines of the laser machine that you buy and you need to ensure you buy laser hair removal safety products specifically for laser hair removal to ensure you do not have any injuries or side effects. This includes ensuring you buy laser hair removal goggles, the best laser hair numbing cream and the highest quality hair removal calming cream all designed for laser hair removal treatments. See my post about important products you must buy if you buy a home hair removal machine here.

Why Laser Hair Removal?

When I first starting researching about laser hair removal and IPL hair removal, my mom asked ‘why would you bother, why don’t you just start waxing instead of shaving because that lasts longer’. Although my mother is the older generation, what a lot of people also forget that it’s not just about hair removal. Buying a laser hair removal machine to use at home and getting laser hair removal in general, is all about having a permanent hair removal solution.

But it’s also more than that.

This is something that a lot of people don’t talk about and personally, the biggest reason why I absolutely love laser hair removal. Often the spotlight is on the ‘permanent hair reduction’ aspect, and yes, I know that is what laser hair removal is all about but, the biggest advantage of investing in laser hair removal machine, whether clinical or buying your own laser hair removal machin at home is this: your hair follicles change and your skin changes. How? The hair follicles become smaller and your skin becomes softer.

So not only does the hair reduce, the hair growth gets stunted and eventually disappears permanently and the hair follicle gets smaller. What does this mean? That your skin gets softer. So you no longer feel any hair follicles when you run your hand over the laser treated area. I’ve tried to explain this the best that I can but all I can say is that the area doesn’t look or feel as hairy any more. I guess the best way for me to explain it is this; even after 2 laser hair removal sessions, your hair growth is a lot less, this means that the area treated has more sparse hair. So even if there is hair growth (the hair and hair follicles that haven’t been hit in the correct growth phase yet) it is sparse and you can barely see it, even if you leave the hair to grow quite long. So if you ‘forget’ to shave before a night out, the area is so sparse, you can’t even see the hair anyway.

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